Tech Suite Virtual Program

Technology Suite Virtual Program

Presented via Zoom

6 Independent Sessions  
August 26, 2020  – June 24, 2021

Each session begins at 10 am

In today’s banking environment, the technology banks use is becoming more important to the daily operations of the bank. Today’s banking customers expect more practical technological products and it is important that bank senior management, information security officers and technology officers understand how to manage, select and implement the most up to date products.

The Mississippi Bankers Association is excited to introduce a bi-monthly (6 sessions) technology suite of programs covering current bank issues.    This virtual conference includes 6 technology sessions – each one stands alone so register for one, two or all six.  The varying technology topics include vendor management, virtual branches, and data analysis, operational efficiency and more.  (For details on each session, see the Technology Series Agenda below.)

MBA Technology Suite Agenda

The sessions can be registered for by each individual session or as a full suite of sessions.  Pricing is below. Send one person, or register for the whole suite and send people from different departments! 

MBA Technology Suite Agenda

Operational Efficiency Self-Assessment

Perfect for: CIOs, CEOs, COOs

Whether recognized or not, productivity – or the lack thereof – continues to impact bank operations. This session is designed to address key ways that managers can assess and improve the operations of their departments, using techniques that industry experts apply when performing operational efficiency studies. Key areas to be addressed include staffing, technology utilization, planning efforts, and measurement/reporting issues. Participants will leave with the tools to evaluate and improve productivity.

October 7

Managing Your Core Vendor Relationships 

Perfect for: COOs, CFOs, Senior management

Your contract for services with your primary banking software provider defines a very important third-party relationship with your bank. Issues of exposure, liability, service levels, and yes, cost, are all in play. Many banks have signed contracts with dozens of pages, without a careful review. In some instances, the bank’s attorney has been asked to review and comment on the contract, but absent specific software expertise, such a review may be cursory at best. This session is not a legal review, but an operational one, of the implications of committing to selected aspects of the contract. Participants will leave with insight into how to evaluate contract terms, and what areas to ask the bank’s attorney to look into in further detail. These skills can then be extended to other third party contracts, further enhancing the benefits. Today’s focus on reducing expenses, and controlling costs, makes this session especially timely. 

December 3

Embracing Your Virtual Branch

Perfect for: Sr. Management, Operations Management; CIOs and Information Management Staff

Most banks are near or past the tipping point whereby most transactions are coming through your virtual branch (all the remote delivery channels that don’t require customers to enter a branch.) Properly serving these customers takes a focus on their unique needs, and is different than serving customers in a lobby or via drive up. This session will take a look at building the management and support system necessary to ensure the success of your virtual bank.

February 25

Alternate Branching Strategies: Leveraging Technology to Efficiently Serve Existing and New Markets

Perfect for: CEOs, Sr. Management; CIOs and IT Staff

While community banks offer a wide range of electronic delivery channels, branch footprint remains a key component of service delivery. This session will look at smarter ways to branch, including limiting physical plant investment, and utilizing a wide range of technologies to provide outstanding service across all of your market.

April 27

Winning the Battle of Data Analysis

Perfect for: CIOs, COOs, Sr. Management

Bankers continue to express frustration at not having good information about their customers from which to expand relationships and create cross sale opportunities. In many cases, it is a matter of information overload. This session will look at the data you have available, tools for accessing and leveraging this data, and methods to ensure that you create successful, manageable campaigns. Participants will leave with ideas they can put into action quickly.

June 24

Integrating Technology Into Your Enterprise Strategy 

Perfect for: CEO/Director audiences, or Senior Operations staff

Historically, banks have had two strategic plans: an enterprise, or business plan, and a separate technology plan. This is no long a tenable position, as technology now becomes the driving force behind most strategic initiatives. This session discusses methods of integrating technology planning into your enterprise planning efforts, providing insight to senior managers and executives as to the increasingly visible and important role technology plays in the banking environment. Topics include selected new technologies, negotiating and managing vendor relationships, merger and acquisition planning, managing operations and technology staff, and engaging with customers to maintain strong relationships via electronic channels.

Technology Suite Pricing

Virtual conferences allow for BANKS to register by location (device) instead of by individual banker. Want your branches to participate?  Facilities within your organization will be able to participate without the travel costs of coming to one location. Pricing for a single session is $149 or all 6 sessions for $599 (That’s a 33% savings!)   (Call Amy Davis or Lori Richardson for more information.)  

Any One Session - $149 – MBA Members; $299 Non-Members

All Six Sessions:  $599 – MBA Members; $1199 Non-Members



For more than 35 years, Trent Fleming has helped hundreds of banks make wise strategic decisions about the optimum use of their management and technology resources.  As a consultant, Fleming was a pioneer in the introduction of check imaging technology to the community bank markets.  More recently, he has replicated that success with other emerging technologies, including Internet Banking, Remote Deposit Capture, and Mobile Banking.  Fleming’s ability to assist banks in training employees and educating customers about the benefits of products and services results in a positive experience as emerging technologies are introduced.

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