Outside Calling School


Outside Calling School
Live E-Classroom Series

Winter Series
February 9 and 16
8 – 11 am

This will be held in conjunction with other State Banking Associations

ONLY 50 spots are available per series

Program Overview

The 2-lesson Outside Calling School will deliver the most up-to-date selling techniques to help you and your company deliver loan and deposit results even during this “new-normal” economy. You will go through the selling process to identify how to gain the trust of your client, gain a larger share of wallet, and sell what your client truly needs. We will also address how to effectively manage the pricing discussion, how to overcome objections, and how research and profiling the client/ prospect will improve targeting, prospecting and presentations. The school will focus on three main areas: 1. Outside Calling 2. Negotiation Skills and Selling at Higher Margins 3. Researching and Profiling Your Clients and Prospects



• Calling successes & challenges

• STEP 1: Pre-Call Planning

  • Getting out of the office both virtually and in person
  • Call planning on top clients & prospects
  • Gaining the virtual or in person appointment
  • Calling template
  • More, Better, Different, Less Clinic
  • Do we use technology or meet in person?
  • Planning what to bring on the call
  • Planning bridging and introductory comments

• STEP 2: The Virtual or In-Person Encounter

  • Get them talking!
  • Listening and communicating how you can help
  • Making a recommendation and asking for the business
  • Earning referrals

• STEP 3: Post Call Follow Up

  • Expanding your notes to capture the call
  • Calendaring follow up activities
  • Drafting a thank you note
  • Assessing the call
  • Compete on anything other than price
  • The value proposition

• Premium pricing

• Negotiating techniques

• War Games – Handling objections

• Draft an Action Plan for skills transfer


Any professional who has client contact would benefit from this seminar. This includes the branch staff, commercial and consumer lending staff, trust and investment staff, and the mortgage staff.

Meet Our Presenter

Jennie Sobecki is the owner and CEO of Focused Results, a sales and marketing strategy, consulting, and training firm concentrating on results-driven process consulting and training experience in community banks and other financial institutions. An expert in designing and implementing sales efforts and processes Jennie designs solutions to drive top line growth through better utilization and training of existing sales forces, including sales management. Jennie is a graduate of Indiana University and has a certificate in consulting services from Ball State University. Prior to joining Focused Results, Jennie was Director of Sales and Marketing for a $3 billion bank holding company, Sales Manager for a high-performing mid-level Indianapolis bank, and Director of Corporate Training for a large Midwest insurance company.

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