MS School of Banking

First Year 2022 Mississippi School of Banking Application
MS School of Banking is July 31-August 6, 2022 at the University of Mississippi 


The Mississippi School of Banking Board of Trustees met in February to review options, and they proposed that only the current second-year class will meet in person during the week of August 1-7. There will not be a first-year class this year, but the MBA will provide enrichment courses to those interested in joining the 2022 first-year class.

While we all regret not being able to have both classes this year, it was unanimously decided that the quality of the school could not be replicated in a virtual format for first-year students. Having only one class on campus allows each student to have their own hotel room and allows for better social distancing among students in classroom situations. As with our plans for the MYB Convention, if anything should change with safety concerns for students, faculty, and administrators, we will explore alternate plans for the second-year class.

Second-year students will be contacted soon. The applications for a first-year 2022 class will be available later this spring.

Looking beyond the summer, the MBA is hoping to have some more in-person events in the fall. We'll be sharing more details as the year progresses. We hope all of the plans for these summer events remain in place and that we see many of you in person as the year progresses!

Please watch for details and registration materials for each of these events coming soon. If you have any questions, please contact Amy Davis at

The Mississippi School of Banking, established in 1970 by the Mississippi Bankers Association, provides the practicing banker an integrated and complete set of usable courses covering all aspects of banking, as well as overall bank management. The School fosters academic and social interactions with fellow bankers conducive to joint bank problem solving at the School and later in the workplace. The curriculum is designed as a stepping stone to graduate banking schools.  Contact: Amy Davis, Registrar,
To be admitted as a first-year student, an applicant must be:
•    An employee or director of a commercial or savings bank, savings and loan association, or bank regulatory agency
•    A high school graduate
•    Twenty-one years of age when classes begin
•    Approved by a senior officer of his or her institution

BUSINESS OF BANKING •    Commercial Credit Analysis
•    Accounting •    Corporate Governance
•   Asset Liability Management •    The Economy
•    Bank Management Philosophies and Practices •    Financial Statement Analysis
•    Bank Marketing •    Insurance Risk Management
•    Bankruptcies •    Management of Bank Funds
•    Bank Operations and Internal Controls •    Money and Banking
•    BSA/AML & OFAC Challenge •    Strategic Planning


•    Communications
•    Human Relations and Motivation
•    Leadership
•    Loan Volume Development
•    New Product Development

•    Banking Law
•    Legislative Process
•    Regulatory Enforcement Actions

BANK SERVICEES •    Installment Lending
•    Cash Management •    Internet Banking
•    Commercial Lending •    Real Estate Lending
•    Community Banking Outlook •    Retail Banking
•    Community Responsibility •    Technology, Payments and Cybersecurity
•    Customer Service •    Total Banker