At the foundation of the MBA's government relations program is MissBankPAC, which works to keep good candidates in office. This member-supported political action committee is the banker's voice in the choice of quality political leadership. MissBankPAC is the Mississippi Bankers Association Political Action Committee, a statewide voluntary, non-profit, unincorporated association of individual Mississippi bankers.

MissBankPAC represents banks and thrifts, both large and small, from all areas of Mississippi, in the political process. It consists of a State Fund, which makes contributions to Mississippi elections, and a Federal Fund, which makes contributions to federal elections.

The MissBankPAC Federal Fund is an affiliated committee of the American Bankers Association BankPac and transfers and receives funds to and from ABA BankPac as allowed by federal law. It is registered under the Federal Election Campaign Act and operates in strict compliance with it.

The State Fund is registered with the Mississippi Secretary of State and operates in strict compliance with that office. Both funds file reports with these agencies as required by law.

For more information about government relations and MissBankPAC, contact Gordon Fellows, gfellows@msbankers.com or 601-948-6366.