Identifying and Managing Distressed Credits

Identifying and Managing Distressed Credits

presented by Brad Stevens, SRM LLC
August 30 & 31, 2022
9 am – 12 noon each day

This presentation will be presented over the Zoom platform.

A late payment or overdraft is already too late.  Distressed or troubled credits reveal their early deterioration signs in a number of ways that Bankers need to recognize to avoid later losses.  The goal of this course is to help the banker catch the early stages of a declining credit while developing the optimal plan to address the issues that have arisen with the borrower.

This course sets the path for early identification while giving the tools to assess the critical areas that if left unchanged will cause the bank a loss.  These include an assessment of liquidity vs solvency issues, sensitivity analysis, management capability, cash shortfall sources as well as other indicators that will determine a course of action, rehab or exit.  A detailed discussion is provided to determine whether the credit is a rehab candidate or an exit candidate.  Bankers will be introduced to various action plans and options in working with the borrowers with the goal of safeguarding the bank’s assets.  A case study will be used and there will be light homework to complete prior to the class.

This course is especially pertinent now as our economy is weakening.  Your clients are likely already experiencing a level of stress that needs to be addressed now.

Participants:  This course will benefit lenders, analysts, underwriters, credit committee members, loan reviewers, examiners, bank presidents as well as bank board members who review spreadsheets or financial statements to determine a client’s credit worthiness.

THE FOCUS- Understanding the importance of catching a deteriorating credit early as well as developing the best action plan to protect the bank’s credit assets and earnings.

Course Coverage:

  • Identifying the key early warning signs of credit deterioration
  • Developing a methodical process to assess the risk as well as develop a decision, rehab or exit.
  • Building comprehensive action plans using specific analysis tools to manage the troubled credit
  • Assessing progress on the plans while making adjustments as needed to maintain the momentum to achieve the desired outcome, full repayment and protection of the bank’s asset and earnings.

Recommendation: Attendees should have to have at least a year of commercial lending or underwriting experience or have taken prior classes to understand the cash flow operations of a firm.

Brad Stevens - With over 30 years of banking experience, Brad has a unique perspective on making banking better. He believes strongly in the philosophy of bankers training bankers. Taking his real-world experiences in banking, Brad provides a practical approach to all his training programs.  Attendees nationwide to his programs take away not just theoretical knowledge but an application of the information learned to use as soon as they get back to the office. 

Brad has a degree in Economics, MBA in Finance from the University of St. Thomas as well as having completed the Commercial Banking School at the University of Oklahoma and the Graduate School of Banking program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Identifying and Managing Distressed Credit

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