Hot Topic Series Protecting Revenue

Protecting Revenue in a Historically Low-Rate Environment Webinar

January 20, 2021

10 am

Complimentary Program

Given the FOMCs forecast of rates remaining low, through 2023, we have to brush off the “what worked” playbook from 2008 to 2015. This is the only other time that the Fed anchored its overnight rate to zero and announced that it would remain there for an extended period of time. This time around the Fed is adding even more liquidity fuel to the fire by buying longer dated assets to keep rates low across all maturity points. The market is forecasting even further than 2023 and is calling for rates to remain in a low range until 2025. That just about eliminates any interest rate risk for banks but an extremely low-rate environment is hard on bank earnings. NIM will be under even more pressure than what occurred the last time around because deposit rates and COFs are much closer to zero than they were in 2008. So, banks will have less room to protect NIM as asset yields fall and liquidity remains high. Efficiency ratios and gross volume revenue will become very important again. The ability to develop these will be what separates average banks from high performers.

This session will focus on applicable strategies to generate revenue in a low interest rate environment. Our speaker will specifically highlight strategies to cushion NIM. We will also focus on the growing problem of elevated liquidity and how to manage the rising opportunity cost of cash. 

Our Speaker:

Chad McKeithen joined Duncan-Williams, Inc. in 2011 as Managing Director of Fixed Income Strategies with over 20 years of experience working with financial institutions. His areas of expertise include: Depository interest rate risk; Leverage/ growth strategies; Portfolio reconstructing; Commercial loan pricing; Liquidity management; Funding strategies and pricing; Macro balance sheet management.

He routinely educates ALCO's, directors and senior management on all asset and liability topics and is also a frequent speaker and author for national and state financial organizations.

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