Hot Topic Series Managing the Balance Sheet


Managing the Balance Sheet in an Inflationary Environment

September 2, 2021

2 pm


This session will focus on the next phase of revenue growth. The last 18 months has been an aberration. It is the first time banks have been through a recession and actually grew revenue. The revenue growth was fueled by unsustainable government stimulus programs (forbearance, PPP fees and refi fees). When you strip away these non-organic revenue sources, which are currently coming to an end, we are left with a lack of loan growth and contracting net interest income. These fundamental segments need to get going and it will take some hustle and active management. This session will focus on strategies that community banks are implementing to generate revenue, to combat rising inflation and to set up their bank for long-term success.

About the speaker:

Chad McKeithen is the Managing Director of Fixed Income & Bank Strategies at South State Bank / Duncan-Williams Inc. He has over 20 years of experience working with depositories and portfolio managers. Chad’s areas of expertise include: Economics, balance sheet management, portfolio management, interest rate risk management, and revenue strategies. He has built a large following based on his risk-adjusted approach to developing high-performing bond portfolios. Chad routinely trains executives and senior management on the economy, bond market, and portfolio / balance sheet strategies. He conducts ALCO meetings and he is a frequent speaker, author and educator for financial associations, banking schools and universities around the country. Chad received his undergraduate degree in Finance and Economics from the University of Mississippi.

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