Custom Conference Presenters


JoJo Adams

JoJo Adams is a partner in the Labor & Employment Practice Group at Jones Walker.  He focuses his practice on discrimination, harassment, and other employment-related litigation. JoJo has extensive experience in employee and supervisor training related to workplace conduct issues and litigating wage-and-hour collective actions. He also has experience in unfair labor practice litigation against unions and in collective bargaining negotiations. JoJo also provides daily employment advice to clients in public and private sectors and has drafted numerous employment agreements and covenants not to compete.

Dave DeFazio

Armed with a passion for banking strategy, StrategyCorps partner Dave DeFazio has found great success and satisfaction in exploring the intersection of data, marketing, and technology. Dave’s extensive financial services experience and continuous research in the field help him ensure that each product and service meets the needs of today's financial institutions. At StrategyCorps, he leads and manages the company’s direct sales efforts while working directly with financial institutions to design, build, and implement a variety of checking solutions. He downloads banking apps for fun. On the weekend. And talks about them at dinner with his family. Across the industry, Dave is a highly sought-after speaker who has shared thought leadership on innovations in financial technology, retail banking, mobile banking, customer engagement, product and customer profitability, product design, bank marketing, and changing consumer behaviors in an increasingly mobile-centric world. Dave graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University with a B.A. in Economics and Mathematics.

Rich Edwards

With 25+ years in the tech world, Rich Edward has spent the last 15 working with financial institutions on Wall Street and across the world. As product management lead for IBM Watson Developer Cloud, he helped banking and financial services customers introduce and leverage machine learning to implement data-driven approaches to getting ahead of the market.

Rich shows you creative ways to see where data can have the biggest impact as part of your strategy. Hell show you the common traps and pitfalls to avoid and highlight where to focus first to get early wins and build momentum.

Jeff Fairchild

Jeff Fairchild is the Director of Compensation Consulting at Compensation Advisors.  Jeff has extensive experience consulting with Compensation Committees, Board of Directors and Senior level Executives to review executive and director compensation practices and related compensation programs relative to market practices. He guides and assists clients in developing annual, long-term and deferred compensation plans, and market-aligned pay and salary grade structures.

Jeff graduated from the University of Alabama with a Bachelor of Commerce and Business Administration and from Mercer University with an M.B.A.  He has worked in various industries including Energy, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, Legal and Financial Services.

Marty Mosby

Recently, Marty has been developing a banking strategic analysis approach that can enable U.S. Community Banks to apply advanced profitability, balance sheet positioning, and risk management techniques to maximize their potential while minimizing their underlying risk position.  Prior to this venture Marty lead a U.S. Large Cap banking research team for a decade.  He has utilized his past experience of managing a regional bank for two decades to cover 20 of the Largest U.S. Banks and to develop the modeling applied to community banks today.  Prior to publishing research on U.S. banks, Marty had been an executive manager at First Horizon National Corporation where over his 22-year career he had served as Chief Financial Officer, Head of Investor Relations and Strategic Planning, ALCO Chairperson and Chief Economist. As CFO, Marty guided First Horizon through four years of Sarbanes-Oxley and directed the Treasury, Tax, Controller, M&A, Strategic Planning, and Investor Relations Departments.  This has helped him gain a strong understanding of the banking industry which he has used to develop differentiated bank analysis. He was ranked first by Integrity Research and Investors’ performance, won Bank Analyst Annual Best Investor Relations at a Mid-Cap Bank award twice, and recognized by Investor Relations Magazine for one of the best Roadshows of any mid-sized company.  Marty graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1988 with the degree of Masters of Arts in Economics and from the University of Memphis with the degree of Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Economics in 1986.

Joe Neely
Few people have had the opportunity to view the banking industry from the combined perspectives of a community banker, a banker’s banker, a state banking supervisor, and as a federal regulatory official and policy maker.  Joe Neely has served in all capacities as a career banker, founder of a banker’s bank, Commissioner of Banking for the State of Mississippi, and Director of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.  He has the rare experience of opening a bank as a banker   –   and closing a bank as a regulator.

He began his banking career as a management trainee in a community banking system.  Upon advancing to the executive ranks of his bank, he was appointed by the Governor of Mississippi as Commissioner of the Department of Banking and Consumer Finance.   He was later appointed by President Clinton to the Board of Directors of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in Washington, DC.  Upon leaving the FDIC Board, he joined First National Bankers Bankshares to capitalize and charter Mississippi National Bankers Bank.  He subsequently served as President and CEO of the bank and as Regional President of its successor, First National Bankers Bank.

After retirement from full-time banking, he founded Neely and Associates, LLC to provide consulting and advisory services to community banks on a variety of strategic and regulatory issues. He additionally serves as an expert witness in various banking and regulatory related litigation.

Jimmy Outlaw

Jimmy Outlaw loves people. He loves talking to people and he loves listening to people. He invites people out to dinner, just to learn what they are all about. If you have dinner with Jimmy, he will sincerely ask about your partner, your kids, your job, your hopes and dreams. Then out of the blue, months later he’ll send you a job opening, or a connection, or congratulate you on your big win. Because he genuinely wants you to succeed. Jimmy has helped people succeed for over 40 years. He started his career in the banking industry where he was a consistent top performer in selling financial products and services to c-suite executives. He went on to recruit and lead his own sales team. His expertise, and the outstanding sales team he created, more than quadrupled the value of the company in nine years. During this time, Jimmy published an article on The Joy of Leadership in Independent Banker, the ICBA’s award-winning monthly magazine. Jimmy tried to retire. But he’s not the kind of guy that likes to sit still. In 2017, he founded the J. Outlaw Company. He knew check printing contracts and he thought he could help community banks save a little money. His marketing, prospecting and sales skills secured banks he knew his company could help. In four years, his negotiations for these banks saved financial institutions over $15 million dollars on their vendor contracts.

Aaron Silva

Mr. Silva is a recognized and respected "tell it like it is" industry thought leader and negotiations expert that will deliver entertaining, engaging and unique presentations to your audience. Routinely receiving 5 Star ratings, Silva is a professional speaker who has educated thousands of CEOs and Senior Execs leading institutions ranging from $150M to $20 Billion in assets. A lifelong entrepreneur and industry veteran of 30+ years, Aaron founded Paladin fs, LLC in 2007 and launched the Golden Contract Coalition (GCC) in 2016. Silva invented the Paladin Blue Book, leveling the playing field for bankers in pricing and contract negotiations against national legacy core, IT and emerging fintech suppliers. GCC will reach more than $1B in combined contract value across its membership, delivering the leverage necessary to influence adoption of a "Golden Contract" standard that all technology suppliers will ultimately adopt in order to conduct business and lower risk within our industry.

Brooke Ybarra

Brooke Ybarra is the Vice President, Innovation Strategy for the American Bankers Association, where she leads market strategy and insight development on a wide range of fintech issues that impact the banking industry. Brooke has experience in financial services as a consultant with Accenture (formerly First Annapolis Consulting) focusing on electronic payments issues. Brooke received her MBA from the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University and completed her undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from Stanford University.