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This agenda will help you quickly find what sessions are provided on what dates and details about each one!  Curious about the speakers?  See the Custom Conference Presenters page for introductions to every speaker on the agenda.

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Monday, August 15 @ 1:30 pm

Convocation – Joe NeelyFREE TO ALL REGISTERED BANKERSThe MBA Custom Conference has traditionally opened with a free session that appeals to all bankers on all tracks within the conference.  This year, we are fortunate to have retired banker, regulator and policy maker, Joe Neely, use his unique background to discuss the current federal and state banking landscape.

The Danger of Politicizing the FDIC and Why Every Banker Should Care

Since its founding almost 90 years ago, the FDIC has basically remained an independent organization free from political influence and maneuvering. It is critical that the FDIC be allowed to operate independently and efficiently in carrying out its primary critical mission. Recent developments within the FDIC boardroom should be a source of great concern to bankers and depositors alike. The banking industry has a great deal at stake in this matter and should demand that the FDIC’s independence be restored and maintained.

Tuesday, August 16 @ 9 am

Technology  & Innovation Track
Close Encounters of the Fintech Kind

Dave DeFazio, StrategyCorp

See live demonstrations of trending apps like Robinhood, Cash App, SoFi, and Affirm to better understand the new features that are increasing competitive pressures on today’s banking products. We’ll share ongoing research which explains the trends - including which mobile features matter most to each generation, from zoomers to boomers. We’ll also examine how fintech companies like Acorns are leveraging the subscription society (think Amazon Prime, Costco, Netflix, Spotify) and pioneering new recurring revenuegenerating models for financial products and services

Tuesday, August 16 @ 10:45 am

Technology & Innovation Track
King of the Hill

Dave DeFazio, StrategyCorp

Join StrategyCorps partner Dave DeFazio for a live look at the tools fintech disruptors have created to help tech-savvy consumers reimagine their everyday banking tasks while enticing them with new places to save their cash — instead of in checking accounts at your financial institution.  Nearly 50% of millennials - consumers between 21 and 38 years old - now consider their primary bank to be a Megabank (Chase, Wells Fargo, Citibank, Bank of America), driven by rewards programs and mobile banking tools that the largest banks employ. Then there are digital-only banks, like Ally and Capital One, which use new mobile banking tools to drive tremendous growth in deposits ($95 Billion in 2019 alone), stealing market share from traditional banks. Additionally, billions of deposit dollars are being siphoned away from traditional checking accounts by non-traditional competitors, such as retailer mobile apps (Starbucks), P2P payments (Zelle), robo-advisor tools (Acorns), and challenger banks (Chime). The secret to future deposit growth lies in understanding the changing role of banking products in the financial lives of today’s consumers. We’ll share ongoing research which explains the trends - including which mobile features matter most to each generation, from millennials to baby boomers. Plus, you’ll experience live demonstrations of mobile apps that are changing how an entire generation saves money and manages their everyday banking tasks, like Dave, Chime, Capital One Shopping, Lemonade, and more!

Tuesday, August 16 @ 1:30 pm

Bank Management Track
Digital Assets and Bank Participation

Brooke Ybarra, American Bankers Association

This session we’ll provide a framework for understanding different types of digital assets, including traditional cryptocurrency, stablecoin, and central bank digital currency. We’ll discuss how banks are engaging in the cryptocurrency ecosystem and review key policy and regulatory developments.

Wednesday, August 17 @ 9 am

Bank Management Track
Five Critical Traps That Face US Banks

Marty Mosby, Stifel Fixed Income Capital Markets

Entering 2022, we have been highlighting several upcoming critical strategic traps that could create meaningful pressure on U.S. Banks.  Well, the first emerged with a vengeance in the first quarter: the unfavorable impact to equity through the FAS115 mark-to-market as sharply rising interest rates pushed securities portfolio valuations lower.  However, there are still 4 more potential strategic challenges that are currently percolating that could have even more of a negative effect on your franchise’s long-term value.  This session will outline these underlying pressure points and provide effective solutions to offset their potential impacts.

Wednesday, August 17 @ 10:45 am
Human Resource Track
Jeff Fairchild, Newcleus Compensation Advisors
Unlock and Inspire a Team that Spans Four Generation

The presentation takes a look at generational differences of those in the market place today, how each is influenced by a different set of values, and strategies around how to incentive and reward based on the different values.

Wednesday, August 17 @ 1:30 pm
Human Resource Track
Questions to Ask (and NOT to Ask) During Application and Exit Interviews
JoJo Adams, Jones Walker

We will discuss questions that should and should not be asked to applicants or exiting employees, tests and evaluations that should and should not be given to applicants, application forms and documents, and forms and evaluations that should and should not be used in exit interviews and processes.

Thursday, August 18 @ 9 am
Sales/Prospecting Track
The Joy of Leadership
Jimmy Outlaw, J Outlaw Consulting

In this session, Jimmy will share real life experiences in selling, handling objections, and networking. With over 40 plus years selling to community bankers, Jimmy has saved community banks over 14 million in 4 years negotiating their vendor contracts. As founder of Positive Leadership Consulting in 2021, this program will share how to promote, develop and utilize positive leadership skills while developing key relationships with clients.

Thursday, August 18 @ 10:45 am

Communication/Marketing Track
Where’s the Disconnect?
Rich Edwards, Mindspan Systems, Inc.

CMOs expect to spend 16% more of their budgets in digital this year.  The reality is most community banks and throw the lions share of that 16% to so few channels you can count them on 2 to 3 fingers, tops.  Big banks, by contrast, have different spending patterns dollar for dollar. And it drives down the customer acquisition cost. 

Competitiveness in banking is shifting towards service level, particularly in personalization and convenience. Data, especially the unique first-party data that community FIs have, is the key to getting and staying ahead in today's crowded market. 

Thursday, August 18 @ 1:30 pm

Communication/Marketing Track
Do You Want to be the Lunch, or the Lion?

Aaron Silva, Founder & CEO, Paladin fs

Institutions want to begin their digital transformation strategy and acquire the benefits of virtual banking but they don't know where to start. This presentation discusses the technological and contractual barriers that await and discusses what other banks are doing to solve these problems. Includes examples of omni-channel banking, mobile first and basic functions of a virtual bank.