Custom Conference


MBA Custom Conference

August 15 - 18, 2022

Back by popular demand!

Presenting Sponsor: FHLB Dallas

The Mississippi Bankers Association is excited to present the 2022 Custom Conference! This virtual conference combines FIVE conferences into one amazing professional development and educational program!  Now with 10 sessions on varying topics such as human resources, bank management, sales & prospecting, communication, and technology & innovation - PLUS the FREE opening convocation - this conference addresses non-competitive areas of the bank and gives YOU the opportunity to CUSTOMIZE a conference to fit your bank’s specific needs! 

This extraordinary conference kicks off at 1:30 pm on August 15 with a FREE Convocation for EVERY REGISTRANT.  Retired banker, State Banking Supervisor and Federal Regulatory Official, Joe Neely, will share his exceptional view of today’s banking landscape.  We know this session will be of interest and importance to all bankers.  Make sure to attend this timely, informative, and FREE session!  (To attend this free session, bankers must be registered for at least one additional Custom Conference session.)

Beginning on Tuesday, August 16, three virtual sessions will be held each day.  Daily agenda and a list of conference sessions by topic is below. 


Virtual conferences allow for BANKS to register by location (device) instead of by individual banker. Want your branches to participate?  Facilities within your organization will be able to participate without the travel costs of coming to one location. Pricing for a single session is $65.  Discounts are given on blocks of 5, 7 and 9 sessions.  (See grid below for pricing and discount information.) A bank can purchase a block of sessions for a variety of employees.

For 2022, the MBA is offering a new enrollment package, the Big Bundle.  See below for details.    

(Call Amy Davis or Lori Richardson for more information.)  REMINDER:  The convocation session on Monday, August 15 is FREE TO ALL REGISTRANTS.

Enrollment Bundle






1 Session/location

 $    65.00        

Per session rate



5 Sessions/location

 $  275.00  

15 %

off the per session base rate

7 Sessions/location

 $  350.00


off the per session base rate

9 Sessions/location

$   410.00


off the per session base rate

Recordings:  $99 per session (available for 2 weeks)

Big Bundle: $849 -

What is the Big Bundle? 
*Unlimited participants – enrolling bank officer to provide an excel spreadsheet of Custom Conference attendees to Lori Richardson by August 11.
*All 9 session (plus the free Convocation) – unlimited participants ($410 value per location)
*All 9 sessions of recordings ($900 value)

Why buy the Big Bundle?
Great for banks to with multiple locations or remote workers.  Also provides longer viewing time for recordings.  You will be able to view for 1 month versus 2 weeks.


CPE and CLE credits will be available for these sessions – one credit per 50-minute session.  You will receive a certificate of completion via email following the weeklong event for the sessions you attended.  For more information, please contact Lori Richardson at


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Click here for the daily detailed agenda. This agenda will help you quickly find what sessions are provided on what dates and details about each one!  

Questions, call Amy Davis, MBA Senior Vice President at 601-709-3733 or email


What’s a track?  The Custom Conference tracks are designed to help bankers quickly identify their topics of interest over the week - long period.  Find your specialty in the list below and see what is being offered just for you!

– Tuesday, August 15 @ 1:30 pm – Joe Neely

The Danger of Politicizing the FDIC and Why Every Banker Should Care

Since its founding almost 90 years ago, the FDIC has basically remained an independent organization free from political influence and maneuvering. It is critical that the FDIC be allowed to operate independently and efficiently in carrying out its primary critical mission. Recent developments within the FDIC boardroom should be a source of great concern to bankers and depositors alike. The banking industry has a great deal at stake in this matter and should demand that the FDIC’s independence be restored and maintained.

Bank Management
Digital Assets and Bank Participation
– Tuesday, August 16 @ 1:30 pm – Brooke Ybarra
Five Critical Traps That Face US Banks
– Wednesday, August 17 @ 9 am – Marty Mosby

Where’s the Disconnect?
– Thursday, August 18 @ 10:45 am
Do You Want to be the Lunch, or the Lion?
– Thursday, August 18 @ 1:30 am – Aaron Silva

Human Resources
Unlock and Inspire a Team that Spans Four Generation
 – Wednesday, August 17 @ 10:45 am – Jeff Fairchild
Questions to ask (and not to ask) during application and exit interviews
– Wednesday, August 17 @ 1:30 pm – JoJo Adams

The Joy of Leadership
– Thursday, August 18 @ 9 am – Jimmy Outlaw

Technology & Innovation
Close Encounters of the Fintech Kind
- Tuesday, August 16 @ 9 am – Dave DeFazio
King of the Hill
- Tuesday, August 16 @ 10:45 am – Dave DeFazio


Click here to register. Questions? Contact Amy Davis at or 601.948.6366.