Credit Analysis

Lending Committee Presents:
September 13 & 14, 2022
9 a.m. – 12 noon each day

Course Overview:

Credit Analysis Introduction is designed to assist credit analysts & lenders with 24 months or less job experience or individuals who may not have completed a formal commercial credit analysis training program. The lender’s viewpoint is stressed through the use of practical examples and class discussions.

The course will enable attendees to apply proven credit analysis methods including financial statement quality, key ratios and cash flow assessment.  Current economic conditions will be discussed and highlighted relative to credit analysis approaches. 

Course Topics:       

  • Explore the motivations of borrowers and lenders in the loan transaction
  • Develop an understanding of the quality levels of Financial Statements
  • Review proven credit analysis tools including Key Financial Ratios, Sources and Uses of Cash and Cash Flow
  • Highlight uses of Sources and Uses of Cash, Cash Flow and Cash Budgets when assessing a borrower’s ability to repay a loan
  • Review basic loan structure approaches given specific borrower credit needs
  • Overview of current economic conditions and potential impact to borrowers
  • Roles and considerations of Credit Policy and Policy Exceptions
  • Review of credit case example which will reinforce course topics and tools

Who Should Attend?

Junior Lenders (up to 2 years at the bank) or anyone who handles both consumer and commercial lending.

About the Speaker….

Gary Higgins has 20+ years as a class leader with expertise in Credit Risk Management, Commercial Lending, Credit Analysis and other credit-related topics.  Gary currently is on the Faculty of the Graduate School of Banking at Louisiana State University and the Virginia Banker’s School of Bank Management at the University of Virginia.   

As an instructor to banking professionals of all skill levels, Gary is focused on the student’s understanding of the fundamentals of credit risk and their application to advanced topics and current-day credit environments.  Specific focus is given to the lessons learned from the most recent credit cycles, the causes of bank failures and credit risk control environments experienced thru the Great Recession and the practical approaches credit professionals can use today to understand and limit credit risk.

Gary had a twenty-nine-year career with Bank of America encompassing 22 years of risk management and 7 years of commercial lending and credit risk management experience.  Extensive background in Credit Risk, Credit Review, Audit, Change Management and Technology & Operations. 

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