Advanced Lending Institute 2021

Advanced Lending Conference 

March 31 & April 1; April 7 & 8, 2021

Sponsored by MBA Lending Committee

 In 2020, the MBA's Lending Committee suggested a program for lenders with 3 years of experience and more.  Due to overwhelming positive evaluations, the MBA will offer this program again in 2021.  

The Advanced Lending Conference will build upon your current knowledge of lending regulations and practices enhance your lending skills and introduce you to tools you need to operate in this ever-changing environment.  This program will focus on regulations pertinent to you and your institution and will provide resources to help you remain up-to-date on lending compliance practices. 

Wednesday, March 31—Dawn Kincaid

9 am—Welcome and Introduction

Avoiding Top Ten Common TRID Errors
We will dive deep into each section of the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure reviewing what is required and offering best practices and tips.  Proper disclosure completion for different loan types, including construction will be discussed as well as when revised disclosures are required and permitted, which fees are subject to tolerances, and how to review the accuracy of your calculations. 

10:15 am—Coffee Break

Adverse Action Requirements
The application is not going to end in an originated loan, so why is it still important to ensure that these “dead files” are thoroughly documented?  Your compliance responsibilities don’t stop just because the deal did! Join us as we explore the completion of the adverse action notice and explain common errors from our reviews. We have some best practices to share and a checklist designed to keep these files straight and off an exception report!

12 noon—Adjourn

Thursday, April 1—Dawn Kincaid

9 am—Welcome and Introduction

Flood Compliance: Keeping Your Compliance Program Above Water
We will take your flood compliance understanding to the next level so that you can tackle the next flood challenge without feeling like you are battling a rip-current.  During this session, we will go in deep with compliance expectations during your next examination, how to avoid frequent violations identified by the regulators, and will provide guidance on how to navigate situations that tend to be a trip line when encountered.  This is definitely a webinar that will expand your knowledge of the Flood Disaster Protection Act!

10:15 am—Coffee Break

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) & FACT Act:  Applying Requirements to Your Program
Detailed review of your responsibilities under the FACT Act Furnisher Rules, including how to handle direct disputes.  We will discuss key components to ensure your policies and procedures effectively support your program, including addressing the use of medical information when making credit or employment decisions and adverse action requirements. Tools to aid you in reviewing your program as well as ideas to help train your staff will be provided.

Compliance Hot Buttons
Discussion of current lending compliance issues, including methods to detect and prevent fraud.

12 noon—Adjourn

Wednesday, April 7 – Aaron Lewis

9 am—Welcome and Introduction

Underwriting the Self-Employed Borrower for Retail Credits (Installment/Residential Mortgage)

  • *Personal Financial Statements—including discussion of information used for both underwriting and driving additional product offerings
  • *Credit Reports—including discussion of information used for both underwriting and driving additional product offerings
  • *Tax to cash analysis—Using Sample Form 1040, including Schedule C, E, and F.  Additional discussion regarding Capital Gains, Installment sale income, and other closely-held businesses

10:15 am—Coffee Break

Global Cash Flow Analysis

  • *Schedule K-1—Discussion of pass-through entities
  • *Transfer of Capital—distributions and contributions—minimum capital requirements for business customers
  • *Reminders for Global DSCR including debts to include
  • *Beyond debt service coverage, global liquidity, and leverage—how do other businesses owned by principal affect repayment of borrowing entity

12 noon—Adjourn

Thursday, April 8 —Aaron Lewis

9 am—Welcome and Introduction

Financial Statement Analysis

  • *Level of assurance in financial statements—hierarchy of statement assurance
  • *Ratio analysis—beyond the formulas including solvency, liquidity, leverage, and efficiency
  • *Understanding turnover ratios and entity operating cycle

 10:15 am—Coffee Break

Loan Officer/Credit Analyst Relationship

  • *Importance of providing a complete underwriting package to credit
  • *Communication to credit, including developing meaningful file narratives
  • *Importance of “footprints” in the file
  • *Introducing the credit analyst to the borrower, why and when this should occur

12 noon—Adjourn

Who Should Attend? 

This advanced-level program is designed for consumer and commercial loan officers; loan processors, compliance officers and individuals responsible for and involved in loan compliance.




Dawn began her banking career working for a community bank, while attending The Ohio State University. She has nearly 15 years of experience in client service, operations, information technology, administrative and board relations, marketing and compliance. Most recently Dawn served as the Senior Vice President of Bank Operations for a central-Ohio based community bank, where she created and refined the bank’s policies and procedures, conducted self-audits and risk assessments, and organized implementation of new products and services. She has served in the roles of Compliance, BSA/AML, CRA, Privacy and Security Officer and led training initiatives, prepared due diligence information for and completed a variety of regulatory applications and coordinated internal and external audits and exams.


Aaron is a consultant in the lending division of Young and Associates, Inc. As a consultant Aaron assists client banks by performing loan review. In addition to loan review, he has performed reviews in lending compliance and quality control. Aaron also presents seminars in the area of lending.  Prior to joining Young and Associates, Inc. he was employed by a community bank in southeast Michigan for eleven years. While at the bank, he worked his way through various facets of the operation from front-line customer service to branch management and finally as Vice President, Credit Administrator. He has secondary market, compliance, and asset quality experience.  Aaron holds a B.A. in finance from Michigan State University and graduated from the Graduate School of Banking, University of Wisconsin.


This is a MBA Virtual Conference and will be delivered via Zoom Webinar.  You are not required to have a Zoom account to participate.  Registrants will receive a calendar invitation to join the conference after a registration form has been processed by the MBA.  Each Registrant will receive an individual invite with a unique code so please do not share your invitation with anyone else. 

Want your branches to participate?  Facilities within your organization will be able to participate without the travel cost of coming to one location.   You may have as many listeners at one location as you would like.  See registration page for pricing details.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Lori Richardson at


Advanced Lending Conference



March 31 & April 1;  April 7 & 8, 2021

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