A Banker in Every Classroom


Important Forms:

Teacher Registration Form 
Banker Registration Form  

A Banker in Every Classroom

The MBA A Banker in Every Classroom program brings together Mississippi bankers and teachers at the local level to promote financial literacy for K-12 students. Bankers can present personal finance lessons to students in both public and private school classrooms throughout Mississippi. This successful state-wide program has reached over 100,000 Mississippi K-12 students and gives Mississippi bankers the opportunity to do what they do best: build relationships in their communities.

'A Banker in Every Classroom' Week
Each year the Mississippi Bankers Association promotes the first week of November as 'A Banker in Every Classroom' Week. And Governor Reeves has officially proclaimed this Banker in Every Classroom Week and encourages "teachers, bankers and all citizens to join in this effort to support the financial education of Mississippi students during this special week and to continue these efforts into the future for the benefit of our state's young citizens and all Mississippians."


Bankers register with the MBA to volunteer to visit a classroom in their area. At the same time, teachers throughout the state register, making requests for local bankers to appear virtually in their classrooms. The MBA then matches bankers and teachers and can help arrange date(s) for presentation(s). Bankers can decide whether to visit more than one school and make more than one presentation.

See below for instructions on how to send your videos into the MBA. 

Age-appropriate materials on personal finance topics are available through the MBA, but are not required. Bankers and teachers can decide which materials they prefer to use. Visit our Grade Level Curriculum page on this web site to download materials you may wish to use.

Help us share your BIEC involvement!

  • Bankers and teachers can decide whether photos are appropriate during the presentation.
  • Post on your bank's social media accounts! Click here for guidelines and example posts. And please use the hashtag: #MSBIEC. Tag us, too! Facebook: @msbankers; Twitter: @msbankers; and Instagram @mississippibankers. 
  • Complete this customizable press release and send it to your local publications and the MBA at amarkow@msbankers.com. If you have any questions, please contact amarkow@msbankers.com. 

The MBA will make every effort to publish presentation photos on this web site and in future issues of The Mississippi Banker magazine. Please send your photos and presentation information (school, teacher, etc) to Amanda Markow, Communications Manager, at amarkow@msbankers.com.

Additional questions? Please contact Amy Davis, MBA Senior Vice President, adavis@msbankers.com.

Instructions for uploading Banker in Every Classroom Virtual Lessons: 

Google Drive Upload (from your computer): 

  1. Go to google.com and login to your account if needed. 
  2. Click on the grid of squares in the top right corner of the screen. 
  3. Select "Drive" the triangle icon. 
  4. Select "New" in the top left corner, and "File Upload." Then, select your video file.  
  5. Find your uploaded file. Click on it and click on "share." Share to biecvideos@gmail.com

Google Drive Upload (from the app): 

  1. Login in on app and open app 
  2. Click the + icon 
  3. Click "Upload" 
  4. Click Photos and Videos
  5. Allow access to your photos and videos 
  6. Select your video and then select "upload" 
  7. Click on the three dots to the right, and select "share" 
  8. Send to biecvideos@gmail.com 

WeTransfer (from your computer) 

  1. Go to WeTransfer.com 
  2. Fill in the appropriate emails: send to biecvideos@gmail.com, your email, and then the message: your name, your video topic, age group, your bank 
  3. Click the blue + icon to add your file, and select your video file, then hit "transfer" 
  4. You might need to supply a verification code that will be emailed to you. 
  5. You're done!