Grade Level Curriculum

The Personal Finance pages and materials referenced here are available for banker classroom presentations. Bankers and teachers can decide which materials are appropriate for specific presentations and ages. Please contact Amy Davis, with any questions.



Coloring Sheet    | Making Spending Decisions
Spending Plans   | Sesame Street – For You, For Me, For Later - video & printables

Video: How Do   |    Banks Work Historical bookmarks for Kids – Printable bookmarks about historical figures featured on U.S. coins and bills.

Four lesson options on one website
Includes: Show Me the Money, The Bean Game, Hello Working World, and Mixed Economy

Cash, Check or Credit?      | Quiz: What is your Credit Card IQ?
Activity: Writing a check   | Analyzing a Paystub - student worksheet
Savings Accounts

Practical Money Skills
This financial literacy web site offers lesson plans/materials for Pre-K through 12, plus college and speical needs individuals.

Financial literacy materials are available for purchase through this web site.

American Bankers Association features financial education materials and programs for bankers, including Get Smart About Credit, Teach Children to Save, and more.