Custom Conference Detailed Agenda



This agenda will help you quickly find what sessions are provided on what dates and details about each one!  Curious about the speakers?  See the Custom Conference Presenters page for introductions to every speaker on the agenda. Click here to register. 

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Tuesday, March 9 @ 1:30 pm

Convocation – COVID 19 and Mississippi – FREE TO ALL REGISTERED BANKERS
Dr. Thomas Dobbs

Dr. Thomas Dobbs is a familiar face within Mississippi.  His knowledge and expertise is vital in the management of the COVID-19 virus within our state.  Dr. Dobbs will discuss the status of the virus, share data reported regarding the virus and give an update on the currently available vaccines.  He will also allow for a short question and answer period.  This is a session every banker will want to attend!

Wednesday, March 10 @ 9 am

Human Resources Track - Crafting a DEI Strategy
Naomi Mercer, American Bankers Association

This presentation covers the DEI implications that have arisen out of the pandemic and segues into how to structure a DEI framework for your bank.

Wednesday, March 10 @ 10:45 am

Bank Management - Hedging Strategies for Community Banks
Al Farlow & Brian Matochik

Despite interest rates being poised to move higher in the comings months, swap rates remain near historically low levels which provide unique hedging opportunities for financial institutions to both protect against rising rates and make more profitable commercial loans.  This presentation will provide an explanation of basic hedging techniques that can be used by community financial institutions to help navigate the changing rate environment ahead.  In addition, important accounting and implementation issues will be addressed, as well as a brief discussion of LIBOR, in a simple, easy-to-understand format so that any institution can be successful at hedging.

Wednesday, March 10 @ 1:30 pm

Human Resources Track - Owning Our Seat at the Table
Toni Cunningham, Image Anu, LLC

Often times we hold back on all that we have to offer thinking that an “invitation” must be extended for us to be fully present. During this interactive conversation, we will examine the issues that keep us from stepping up and moving forward. Tackling matters like self-confidence, impostor syndrome and managing our “inner critic”, we will discuss strategies to employ that will support our taking up more space and owning our proverbial “seat at the table” in our personal and professional lives.

Thursday, March 11 @ 9 am

Security Track - Security Action Plans: 3G to LTE and Emergency Preparedness
Alex Kelly

This session will cover two hot topics of interest to today’s bank security personnel.  Conversions from 3G to LTE technology and Emergency Preparedness.  Points of conversation will include the importance of keeping branches, connected, the issues with having POTS lines and the schedule for having 3G taken off the towers.  Regarding emergency preparedness, our speaker will cover being prepared for the one-time event, the importance of re-occurring training and making your place of work as safe as possible.

Thursday, March 11 @ 10:45 am

Security Track - Security Considerations During a Pandemic
Mike Burke, SHAZAM

The COVID-19 pandemic created the perfect storm for fraudsters and criminal activity affecting financial institutions. This presentation deals with a host of issues surrounding the unique circumstances so many institutions find themselves in. We’ll outlines basic lobby security where masks are being regularly worn, enhanced security procedure to keep staff safe, current robbery trends and how ATM skimming activity is evolving during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thursday, March 11 @ 1:30 pm
Retail Banking Track-Lessons Learned from the Pandemic
Brit Boatright

Since the pandemic, many changes have occurred within banks.  In this session, Brit will share six design elements that will potentially continue after the pandemic and how they can be incorporated within existing branches or in new builds.

Friday, March 12, 9 am
Retail Banking Track-Stop Selling and Start Connecting
Patrick Dix, SHAZAM

It’s not enough to be your community’s “hometown bank.” It’s more than telling a potential customer it’s “your people” that make the difference. They really don’t care how many years you’ve been in business. It’s time to focus on your story. Explore the ways digital media is changing the way we market to consumers, the new ways customers are digesting information, and how you can differentiate your message by connecting with customers through storytelling instead of trying to sell to them.

Friday, March 12, 10:45 am
Retail Banking Track-Budgeting Loan/Deposit Production and General Overhead to Pay for A New Branch or Transformation
Brit Boatright

As a former community bank president, Brit was tasked with growing a branch network from scratch.  He learned a great deal about how to properly and realistically budget for a new branch to avoid disappointment.  Merely putting loan and deposit projections on paper are not enough.  In this session, he will showcase concepts to do a thorough evaluation on the front end of the project.  Targeting revenue sources and expense containment can be a powerful combination to achieve profitability at the branch level as soon as realistically possible.   

Monday, March 15, 1:30 pm

Bank Management Track -The Community Bank Ecosystem
Jeff Rigsby

This presentation challenges conventional wisdom and discusses community banks not only as an industry, but as an ecosystem with multiple interactions driving a multi trillion-dollar economy. The session sets up an alternative perspective of community bank collectively and the force the collective exerts. During the presentation we explore the disruptive nature of technology, delivery systems, and competitive landscape. This session is designed to lay out a series of assumptions and conditions that change the look of the community bank in the marketplace and how disruption could play a role in material change.

Tuesday, March 16, 9 am

Communications Track - Storytelling – Content Driven Marketing
Kristin Surdin Brandt

Content marketing and storytelling are important pieces of any marketing department’s portfolio.  During this session, we will look at how these stories differ from other types of content, how to best tell a story, how to repurpose a story for different platforms and ways you can measure your success.  Using specific examples, this session will help provide suggestions for how your bank can take your stories to a new level.

Tuesday, March 16, 10:45 am

Communications Track - Winning with the Media

Patrick Dix, SHAZAM
You have the opportunity to tell your institution’s story every day in today’s 24-hour news cycle. Are you ready? Implement these simple strategies to get positive news coverage for your bank and amp up the effectiveness of your paid marketing, social media and earned media opportunities. Walk away understanding why relationships with local media matter and learn why saying “yes” when they call for your help will pay off for your reputation, your business and your bottom line.

Tuesday, March 16, 1:30 pm

Communications/Marketing Track - Five Ways to Destroy Your Brand – and How to Avoid Them
Mary York

For many of us (myself included), 2020 was supposed to be the year for greatness. A year for positive change and personal growth unlike any year before it. A year to kick off new ideas and new beginnings. A year to forever change (and for the better) the course of our lives. [Imagine me saying this with my eyes closed and both hands raised above my head to emphasize the looming and epic greatness we would all encounter this year.] Well, turns out, it has been the year of total chaos. Between a brutal election year, social unrest and a global pandemic (oh, and let’s not forget murder hornets and Tiger King), this year has definitely been the year of epic crisis. And if you haven’t encountered a PR blunder yet, just wait for it. At any given moment, a PR disaster can occur, almost always without warning. How you handle it will ultimately determine your brand’s future. This session will discuss the five most common mistakes organizations make when managing a crisis, how banks can avoid them, and the importance of crisis planning in today’s crisis-prone environment.

Wednesday, March 17, 9 am

Marketing Track - Getting in the Game:  Aligning Marketing and Execution
Sean Payant

As an industry, we spend vast amounts of money, not to mention time and internal resources, to promote our institutions—to get people to choose us. We brand, and we market. The role of the marketing professional is to get consumers—the team captains—to pick our financial institution first. For this to be most effective, however, there must be alignment between marketing and execution. Building true alignment between marketing and execution depends on four factors: product knowledge, customer service, accountability and incentives. Join us as we figure out how to keep your financial institution from being left on the sideline.

Wednesday, March 17, 10:45 am

Human Resources Track-  Managing Remote Teams
Dima Ghawi

In the current climate, many organizations are switching to virtual interfaces and find themselves seeking guidance for their remote teams. Dima’s interactive virtual presentation teaches attendees how to stay connected while working remotely. Dima will equip managers with actionable strategies to effectively lead their teams virtually, improving morale, performance, and engagement.

Wednesday, March 17, 1:30 pm

Bank Management Track - Leading Through Crisis
Chris Scaffidi

Crisis situations do not happen every day, but they do occur several times in every leaders career. Sadly, when they happen, they often take one by surprise, leaving a wake of destruction in their path. This dynamic session, Leading Through Crisis, will teach leaders how to recognize the warning signs of an oncoming crisis, create a defining moment, and then make their mark to avert catastrophe. We will discuss findings of work with leading executives and their teams crisis leadership and detail what it takes to speak truth to power in these crisis situations, and the positive impacts speaking up can have on your organization and career.

Thursday, March 18, 9 am

Security/ISO Track - Vendor Management:  How to Assess and Manage the Risk of Your Supply Chain
Tom Hinkel

Your third-parties (and their third-parties) represent the biggest source of non-preventable risk in your organization.  Recent events have shown us that vendors in our supply-chain are susceptible to everything from Pandemic to malware, and regulators are currently looking closely at this.  Learn how to identify and minimize this risk and stay ahead of examiner expectations.

Thursday, March 18, 10:45 am

Security/ISO Track - Lessons On Crisis Management from the Pandemic and Recent High Profile Breaches
Tom Hinkel

One of the most important duties of an Information Security Officer is being responsible (and accountable) for minimizing the disruption or degradation of critical services during a crisis.  What lessons have we learned during the Pandemic, and how has the ISO role adapted?

Thursday,  March 18, 1:30 pm
Security/ISO Track - The Changing Cybersecurity Landscape:  New Regulatory Requirements and Expectations
Tom Hinkel

Recent OFAC advisories and new assessments such as the R-SAT underscore the increased regulatory focus on cybersecurity.  In this session we will review all recent changes and discuss how to adjust to these new expectations.