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BSA/AML Conference

02/21/2018, 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM


Westin Hotel, 407 Congress Street, Jackson, MS, 39201 601-968-8200 map

Lori Richardson, Programs Manager 601-948-6366


2018 BSA/AML Conference

February 21-22
Westin Hotel | 407 Congress Street | Jackson, MS, 39201 | 601-968-8200

This is our flagship BSA/AML training event. The program incorporates a review of all of your institution’s BSA’s technical compliance responsibilities; it is the annual review everyone needs to remember their critical duties. It also reviews the required elements of your AML program from CIP to enhanced due diligence.

Program content incorporates recent changes and reviews major proposed changes.

The presentation is a comprehensive overview of BSA/AML compliance issues. The new “Due Diligence” regulations with mandatory compliance by May, 2018 will be covered. Regulations require every bank to have an ongoing Bank Secrecy Act training program and examiners routinely ask for evidence of recent training - even for experienced BSA personnel.

• BSA/AML Resources
• Bank Regulatory Agency Role
• Currency Transaction Reporting
• Exemptions from Currency Transaction Reporting
• Record Retention
• Information Sharing 314(a) & 314(b)
• Suspicious Activity Reporting
• NBFI’s & MSB’s
• Anti-money laundering
• Customer Identification Program
• Customer Due Diligence
• Enhanced Customer Due Diligence

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